My Work

Steampunk Gear Ring

Here's wedding band I did up from my friend Ben.

Now available at Kraftwurx!

3D Printed rings for my bother in law and sister in law.

Here are some rings I made up for my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law who both got married this summer (Not to each other to clarify. What would just be wrong. :s)

The rings were made in Zbrush then 3D printed and cast by the good folks at

The lady's band in 18k palladium white gold with 18k yellow gold insert and a .6 Carat green diamond.

The man's band is 14k palladium white gold band with 14k yellow gold sing wave insert.

Octopus casts in hydrocal & Kast Krete


The final mold for the cotopus out worked really well. Here are the final casts in Hydrocal and acrylic paint and in Kast Krete. 

Octopus in Cold Case Bronze

I finally got the octopus re-sculpted and re-molded. I'm really thrilled with the final result! Here's a version in cold cast bronze.



Dragon Head in Cold Cast Bronze

Here's the dragon head in cold cast bronze. The colour was enhanced with coloured wax.

Dragon Head in Cast Concrete

These are the first run castings for the dragon head. I used Kast Krete which is a monument grade concrete that can be left outside. I used a black concrete dye for the darker one and used a colored wax to enhance the color more.

Dragon Head molding process

Here are some work in progess shots of the molding of the dragon head in silicon. It turned out pretty good with very few air bubbles.

Dragon head completed!

I've completed the dragon head! Here are a few shots of the final sculpt in Roma clay.

Dragon Fountain Head work in progress

Here are some work in progress shots of a dragon head I'm making as a pond fountain for my friend Dave.

Finished Octopus Sculpt

Sorry, long time no post...

Anyways, thought I'd chuck some pix of my finished octopus. Unfortunately the mold didn't cure properly so I have to resculpt it again.
..Back to work..